Active tourism in Strandzha and Sakar


A bike tour in Edirne with the participation of Bulgarian and Turkish bycicle riders was held on the 26th and 27th  October 2013.

This website is aimed at those who love active tourism, who are interested in Southeast Thrace and especially the mountains of Strandzha and Sakar with their outskirts.

The most impressive natural and antropogenous sites in this part of Europe are described, with exceptionally rich history, diversity of tourist sites and preserved nature, which remained relatively unknown because of the impeded access of torists during the Cold War period.

You will find here everything you need as information in order to undertake a trip along routes that will leave forever wonderful memories.

Prepare for the journey. Beautiful nature, the little settlements and the good people you will meet are waiting for you. Along the road you will hear the songs of the birds, the flight of the insects and the sound of the bells of flocks. You will inhale the clean air of the wild nature, you will drink water from life-giving natural springs, same as people having lived thousands of years ago in these lands did. You have a road before you.

Training of a total of 40 pedestrian and bike tour guides was implemented in Bulgaria and Turkey. The training was part of the activities under the project “Active tourism in Strandzha and Sakar” ...

In the course of the project “Active tourism in Strandzha and Sakar” a network of biking routes in Strandzha and Sakar was worked out which, when interconnected, represent a tour around of the border region.

A bike tour in Edirne

A bike tour in Edirne with the participation of Bulgarian and Turkish bycicle riders was held on the 26th and 27th  October 2013. Part of the Bulgarian participants were members of the biking club “Sokol” from Yambol, who started the tour from the town of Yambol, passing the border checkpoint Lesovo-Hamzabeyli on wheels and joined the rest of the group in Edirne. 60 persons  from Bulgaria and about 50 persons from Turkey took part in the event. The group started a biking tour of Edirne, as several sites in the city and the vicinity were visited. In the evening, the hosts of the Sports Club EDOSK in Edirne organised a dinner, which passed in friendly conversations, music and dances. On the second day the bike tour continued and that day the group biked mainly along the picturesque banks of the rivers Maritsa and Tundzha, passing upon impressive stone bridges, built hundreds of years ago. The bike tour around the sites in the city of Edirne was an extremely exciting experience for all participants. The Complex of Sultan Beyazit II, the Museum of Health, The medievel Edirne Tower, the old railway station Karaagach, the mosque of Sultan Selim II, the ancient fortress of Adrianopolis were among the numerous visited sites. At the end of the event the participants made a mutual promise that this would be only the beginning of a series of similar initiatives on the territory of both countries.



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